The Big Commercial Gym Norm

Big commercial gyms in San Bernardino and across the country expect you to never reach your goals on your own, so why not sign you up on a 1,2,3 year contract with initiation fees? Oh yeah, they can provide you some personal training. Still, working with a personal trainer once a week for $100 or $150 each session would run up to $7,800 a year — and that’s not counting any gym fees.

You Aren’t Just A Number

Downtown Fit Camp in San Bernadino doesn’t work like this. If you come in and do a workout with us, you’re going to have seven people who know your name at the end of the class who are cheering for you. When you sign up for bootcamp classes with us, you get Individual care. Your coach will be on you, motivating you by name, “let’s go you got one more in you push.” Your coach will keep you in that sweet, fat-burning zone the entire fitness class, making every bit of your gym time count! There is no egoism, no comparison in the mirror, but only personalized assistance and motivation, and real celebration when someone hits a new personal record doing constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.

What You Can Expect

When you show up for a bootcamp class with Downtown Fit Camp, you can expect one-on-one motivation with coaches who care if you succeed. The purpose of each fitness class will be to take you towards your goals, decrease your body fat percentage, increase your strength, flexibility, and energy. We have the tools to guide you towards transforming your daily life and lifestyle through exercise and healthy habits. We only charge you for the classes that you take, and make our membership flexible, so that you aren’t paying for bootcamp classes when you can’t hit the gym.

You Can Succeed — And We Want to Help You Every Step of the Way

Everyone hits a plateau, falls out the workout habit, or is met with a massive injury that puts them on the couch for months. We also understand how hard it can be when you are looking at a far-off goal that seems nearly impossible to reach or when you have “done the fitness thing” without many results. Sculpting a strong body that you want takes time, coaches who know what they are doing, and taking up supportive habits such as eating to nourish your body, getting the rest that you need, and balancing rest with consistency. Our certified coaches would love to help you take your fitness to the next level with bootcamp classes, one-on-one coaching, and motivation. Try out 1 day of our fitness classes for free!

Want to Learn More?

We at Downtown Fit Camp want to help you get the most out of our fitness classes. Stay up-to-date with fitness tips, nutrition tricks, and more on the Downtown Fit Camp blog! We post regularly about fitness related topics that we hope to educate and inspire. Read recent posts below or check out our blog!