• Decrease Body Fat Percentage
  • Increase Strength, Flexibility, and energy
  • Motivate and Inspire
  • Overall Improve Daily Living

The Downtown FIT Camp Team is dedicated to the rehabilitation and revitalization of the Downtown area of SAN BERNARDINO! We feel the people that frequent the DTSB area are underserved in regards to quality services such as ours and our wish is to be a part of transforming lives and lifestyles for this wonderful community at a cost you cannot beat for the fitness classes and services we provide!

Our Staff

Steve Mendoza: AFAA / AAAI / ISMA / IFTA certified group fitness instructor, Owner and Operator

I am a San Bernardino native born and raised about 2 miles from DFC with a passion for MMA and fitness. I use a Boxing, Kickboxing and HIIT fitness model to keep our clients learning new practical movements while keeping things interesting and most importantly seeing results for the work they put in. I like to see good form over more reps.

Jose Chiprez: AFAA / AAAI / ISMA / IFTA certified group fitness instructor, Owner and Operator

Hello, I was raised just a few blocks from our DFC facility and over many years, I have seen our downtown area thrive and decline. I am blessed to be in partnerships with local real estate developers dedicated to the revitalization of the DTSB area which made it possible for us to bring Downtown FIT Camp to this great DTSB Community. I enjoy helping people reach fitness goals, develop healthy lifestyles while creating more positivity and community to DTSB.

Never Show Up Late, Never Leave Early

Downtown Fit Camp and our staff is dedicated to those in the San Bernardino area who are ready to transform their lives and bodies through fitness, nutrition, and personalized coaching. We understand that reaching fitness goals can be hard and that very few can succeed in a vacuum. We want to offer that support, because to us, you aren’t just a number. When you take our fitness classes you can expect us and your classmates to know your name, push you to succeed, and celebrate your victories.