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In our last blog post, we covered one of the most important aspects of training and working out: stretching. Stretching is essential for your workout goals as well as your health. Without stretching you will not only not get as much out of your workouts, but you could get hurt! If you missed our last blog post, catch up here. Otherwise keep reading to learn a little more about leg day.

Leg Day Should Be One of Your Favorite Days and Here’s Why

We’ve all seen those memes about leg day and if you have been working out, you can probably attest to how true they are. Leg day can be a hard day in the gym, but also one of the most productive days. Keep reading to find out why so many in San Bernardino and beyond love working their lower half.

Build Muscle

If you are working your legs and challenging yourself, you will build muscle. According to a Men’s Journal article, “compound moves such as squats and deadlifts, which use large muscle groups, help elevate your [testosterone levels in men] increasing [their] ability to build muscle. Ladies don’t worry, you won’t look masculine because you worked your legs. You will tone, sculpt, and strengthen your legs to look sleek and strong.

Burn Massive Calories

Leg day should be one of your favorite days for no other reason than you will burn a ton of calories. Because you are working some of the biggest muscle groups in your body, you burn more fat because working those muscles takes the most energy. Also, when you work your muscles hard, you won’t just be burning calories during your workout, but you will also be burning calories hours and even days after.

You Will Look Good

Having nice looking legs and a booty to be proud of doesn’t just happen by luck. You have to work for it! Men, if you want to get rid of your chicken legs, you have to consistently bring your A-game to leg day. Ladies, if you want strong, sleek legs, and a booty that you love, you also have to bring it every week. Leg day won’t just allow your lower half to look good, but also the rest of your body. How so? As you burn more calories with leg day, you are cutting fat everywhere else.  

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Failing to work your lower half can increase your risk for injury. You may have a greater chance for back pain and injuries, ACL tears, and other injuries. Developing your legs and glutes can also improve your balance which will also help you avoid injury.

If you are ready for leg day, it’s time to come to one of Downtown Fit Camps’s bootcamp classes. We offer classes all day, so that you can find a class that fits with your schedule. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit our website and come sweat with us!