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4 Things You Need for Your First Bootcamp Class

If you’ve never been to a bootcamp class and are ready to jump in, we are already so proud of you. It’s hard to try something new and we understand that trying a new fitness class takes a bit of courage. Before you jump into a class, it is important that you do a few things first.

Come in the Right Clothes

We know that if you are just trying a class that you probably don’t want to go out and drop a bunch of money on the latest athletic wear by Nike or Athleta — which we completely understand. However, it is important for your comfort and safety that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear. First of all, we highly encourage you to wear a pair of athletic shoes that are purposed for working out. These shoes versus Vans or other street shoes, have more padding and support which will protect your feet from injury. Pick clothing that you can move in easily and will not hamper your movement. Athletic shorts or leggings are perfect choices as well as a loose or stretchy top. Women, we suggest that you wear a supportive sports bra and men, wear a fitting jockstrap.

Fuel Your Body

Coming to workout on an empty stomach is a no-no. Not only will you not have the energy to push yourself during your workout, but you could pass out and become seriously injured from weights and other fitness equipment. On the other hand, it isn’t wise to eat a big heavy meal right before you come to workout because you will be lethargic due to blood rushing to your stomach to help with the digestive process; you can easily get sick which can be dangerous while you workout. Fuel your body about an hour before your workout with a healthy carbohydrate such as fruit and a protein or fat like cheese, eggs, peanut butter, or nuts.


Arriving at bootcamp class hydrated is equally as important as coming fueled and dressed in the right workout clothes. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day minimum. If you are going to be sweating a lot later, you should drink more, and if you drink coffee, you should also drink more water because caffeine is a natural diuretic. Drink water throughout the day and hydrate enough that you are going to the bathroom regularly. Also, be sure to bring a water bottle with you to class, to keep you hydrated throughout class. You don’t want to guzzle water during class. Sips are best and, so one water bottle is sufficient.

An Attitude to Try New Things

We understand that it can be unnerving to try something new, especially with something like bootcamp that can be incredibly hard, but come anyway! Our minds will tell our bodies to stop long before our bodies need to stop and so if you can get rid of the attitude of “I can’t” and adopt an attitude of “I can, and I’m going to try,” you will get so much more out of class and are more likely to get the results that you are looking for.

If you are ready to take it to the next level, come to one of our bootcamp classes at Downtown Fit Camp! Our trainers would love to help you get in the best shape of your life. Visit our website to learn more about the opportunities we offer those in San Bernardino. The change happens when you feel the burn and during the last few reps or seconds when you want to quit.