What You Need to Know About Hydration

Welcome back to Downtown Fit Camp blog! In our last blog post, we talked about leg day and why we and so many others in San Bernardino love it so much, and think you should love it too. Working the big muscle groups of our legs and lower half can not only allow us to burn a ton of calories, but can also decrease our chances of injury. To learn more about why leg day should be one of your favorite days, read our last blog post. As we talk about working out, we can not forget the importance of our nutrition and how reaching our fitness goals is just as much about nourishing our body as it is pushing ourselves and our bodies to the limit. Today, we are going to talk about hydration, a key element for your bootcamp classes and fitness success.

You Don’t Just Have to Drink Water

Though you do need to get the majority of your hydration from water, not all of hydration comes from how many ounces of water you chug during the day. Milk, oatmeal, as well as foods such as lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon, and broccoli are full of water and other nutrients that your body needs.

You Need Water . . .

You may be rolling your eyes and thinking that you already know this, but do you really know how important water is for your body? Water makes up around 60 percent of your body with your blood being made up of 93 percent water and it being the main solvent for your biochemical reactions. Also, did you know that your muscles are made up of 73 percent water and your body fat is 10 percent water?

. . . For Digestion

Water is absolutely crucial for digestive functions in your body. Not only is water a main element in saliva and other digestive “juices,” but it is part of every aspect of the process. Your body needs it for digestion, carrying the nutrients to other parts of the body, and also getting rid of waste. It is no wonder we experience so much discomfort when we don’t drink enough water!  

Your Blood Triggers Thirst

You may be wondering what causes you to feel thirsty; where does this sensation originate from? It is actually from your blood. Your body will “tell” you that you are thirsty when there is a higher concentration of particles in your blood. Remember your blood is made up of 93 percent of water; if you are dehydrated your blood, a major component of your bodily function, will feel the effects first.

These are just a few fun facts about how big of a role water plays in keeping us healthy and why hydration is so important. Stay tuned to learn more about hydration and visit our website to learn more about our bootcamp classes.