Downtown Fit Camp is for those who never show up late and never quit early. Our bootcamp classes are dedicated to those in the San Bernardino are who are ready to transform their lives, take their fitness to the next level, and reach beyond their fitness goals to accomplish what they may have never thought was possible. When you attend our bootcamp classes, you can expect to decrease your body fat percentage, increase strength, flexibility, and energy while also receiving motivation and inspiration to take your fitness to the next level. Read our blog to learn tips about getting the most out of your workout, supporting your fitness goals with nutrition and more. Visit our website to learn more about us, view our class schedule, and sign up!

  1. 4 Things You Need to Know About Your Post Workout

    4 Things You Need to Know About Your Post Workout Many think that the only part of their workout that matters is the workout itself, but in reality, that’s only the beginning. What happens after your workout and when you’re not at the gym is equally as important as throwing on your athletic shoe…Read More

  2. Preparing For Your First Bootcamp Class

    Hello and welcome back to the DowntownFit Camp blog! We are excited that you are here. Lately, we have been sharing more about us and what our gym in San Bernardino has to offer. To learn more about us, check out our latest posts or visit our website. We’d love to help you reach your fitness goals…Read More

  3. Welcome to the Downtown Fit Camp Blog!

    Hello! Welcome to the Downtown Fit Camp blog! We are excited that you are here. If you aren’t familiar with what we offer, you can find out all about us here and even more on our website! We are a gym in San Bernardino area, specifically the DTSB area who offers something different than all the ot…Read More