Downtown Fit Camp is designed for those in San Bernardino who want to gain flexibility, strength, and energy as well as decrease body fat. We aim to inspire and motivate our clients during our fitness classes so that they can push themselves beyond their mental boundaries to reach their goals and achieve what they thought possible. Success comes from having the right workouts, support, motivation, the right tools, and applicable knowledge. On our blog, we share fitness and nutrition tips, as well as motivation and inspiration to keep going when the going gets tough. Visit our website to learn more about us, view our class schedule, and sign up!

  1. Cellulite 101

    How to Lose Cellulite the Healthy Way Merely catching a glimpse of an orange-peel-like texture on our butt or thighs is enough to send many of us off on a search for how to lose cellulite. That’s why there are so many pricey cellulite creams and treatments on the market, promising to reduce the…Read More